Why Tour With Us?

We have something to suit everyone! All our retreats are tailored to your fitness levels. So it doesn't matter if you live in the gym or haven't stepped foot in one recently, we'll make sure you benefit from our fitness schedule! All you need to bring is your active wear and a positive attitude!

Explore The Best Beaches In The World

Travel to the most amazing beaches on the planet, including some of Australia's most famous coastal cities.

All Fun, No Play? We Think Not!

Endless laughs and constant fun with other active travellers! We work hard, so it's only fair we get to relax and play hard too.

Experience Of A Lifetime With Friends For Life

An active vacay like nothing you’ve ever experienced before and best of all, you'll make life-long friends as well!

Travel More, Worry Less

We've taken care of everything, so that all YOU have to worry about is how are you going to remember everyone's name on the retreat!

7 Days

Gold Coast

Known for being the city on the beach with truly epic theme parks, Gold Coast is one of a kind.


What's Included

All our destination packages are all-inclusive from luxury resort accommodation to breakfast, lunch and dinner! All fitness equipment is provided including yoga mats and recovery foam rollers. All you have to bring is a water bottle and plenty of active wear! Flights are not included, with guests to arrange their own travel needs.

Luxury Resort Accommodation

We actively vacay at premier resorts, giving all travellers the best accommodation experience. All guests are stay with other active travellers in shared superior apartments, often over ocean views or lush natural surroundings.

Fitness + Team Challenge

As other resort guests wake up mid-morning, enjoying the holiday sleep-in, there's a good chance we will already have completed our first work-out for the day! Our team challenges will have you thinking you're a contestant on Survivor.

Mindfulness through Yoga

Our Yoga sessions will help you find that perfect balance. Mindfulness can have numerous benefits, everything from decreased stress and anxiety to increased levels of happiness and focus.

Plenty of Down Time!

This is important to us, because while our goal is to help you leave the retreat in a healthier state than when you arrived. We also want to make sure you have plenty of time to relax and explore the local scenes.

Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

You’ll be eating clean all week and your body will thank you for it! From wholesome foods to lean meats, salads and good carbs to fuel your body each meal time!

Travel Photographer

Oh, did we forget to mention that we will have a creative photographer following you the entire time, taking candid photos of all our retreaters! It's our way of helping you capture and share your amazing Active Vacay moments to all your friends and family through social media!

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