Dreamers. Believers. Adventure Seekers.

So What Is Active Vacay?

Whoever said, "You can have too much of a good thing", clearly never discovered fitness or travel! The big problem is, for a long time now, fitness and travel haven’t been the best of friends. Sure, most 4-star hotels have a gym and sauna, but ask yourself… when was the last time you worked out on your holiday?!? Did any of your most recent vacations involve you not eating the majority of your food and drinks from the nearest fast-food outlet or liquor store? Oh don’t get us wrong - one of life's greatest pleasures is getting your Uber driver to detour past the 3am burger joint on the way home after a big night-out while on holidays... but why not mix it up?! Well until now, it hasn’t been your fault. There hadn’t been a real option out there, combining fitness and travel! So, in the words of the little girl from the Taco commercial, we asked ourselves… - “Why don’t we have both?”. And with that, we welcome you all to Active Vacay!

Change The Way You VACAY Forever

Active Vacay is a fitness-inspired vacation for any world traveller, from functional group workouts to team activities on world-class beaches as well as practising mindfulness through yoga. Best of all, you’ll be eating clean the entire time, fuelling your body with nutritious goodness… while on the best and most active vacay of your life! Of course, life is about balance and there’s no better way to unwind than with a rooftop drink or two as you take in the beach sunsets.

Meet like-minded travellers, eat clean and explore a greater YOU!

Dreamers. Believers. Adventure Seekers. That is who we are. Our mission is simple. To care and teach others to become the best versions of themselves. We didn’t wake up one day and just decide to change the lives of everyday people through active travel. We arrived at this point because we know we can positively influence the lives of people seeking to make a change. So if you’re thinking of a fitness and wellness retreat, why not actually do it right!? Oh you best believe Active Vacay is about to change the travel game for good!


  • World Class Luxury Resorts
  • Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
  • Clean Eating
  • Wi-Fi
  • Access to Sauna + Spa Baths
  • Visit some of the World's Best Beaches
  • Group Training with Strength + Conditioning Coach
  • Yoga
  • Team Challenges
  • Travel Videographer + Photographer capturing your experience.
  • Make New Friends
  • Future VIP-Discounts!
  • Good Vibes!


Active Vacay is launching on the Gold Coast, Queensland this Spring! We will be in Broadbeach from 20-26th of October.

7 Days

Gold Coast

Known for being the city on the beach with truly epic theme parks, Gold Coast is one of a kind.

7 Days

Noosa – Coming Soon

Combine natural beauty with award-winning restaurants and a sleepy-town atmosphere.

7 Days

Melbourne – Coming Soon

Find out why Melbourne is one of the world's most liveable cities, thanks to our wellness inspired retreat.

7 Days

Byron Bay – Coming Soon

Byron Bay's endless beaches and reliable surf breaks have been attracting surfers for years.

Positive Vibes, Good People, Active Living and Wholesome Food.
"Active Vacay is our creative approach to travel, fitness, mindfulness and life - helping inspire people to become the best version of themselves. You'll train alongside other like-minded travellers, explore the best beaches in the world, eat clean and still have plenty of downtime to explore the local scene!"
Sean Tobin
Retreat Host

GOLD COAST, OCTOBER 20 - 26, 2019

We've taken care of everything, so that all YOU have to worry about is how are you going to remember everyone's name on the retreat! All our destination packages are all-inclusive from premier resort accommodation to breakfast, lunch and dinner!


Single Travellers - Double Share

Ridin' Solo

You won't need to come with friends, because you'll make some while you're here!


Couple - Private Room + Ensuite


Enjoy Premier Beach-style Resort accommodation with the comfort of your own Queen bedroom.



Live as a King or Queen!

Enjoy the privacy of your own single Queen bedroom, with private Ensuite.
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